With the ability to capture women, teens and tweens in a unique way, Mandy Lee is changing the way women and girls see themselves.  Mandy Lee is passionate about helping all women, teens and tweens, by showing through photographs, that they are good enough just the way they are right now!

Hi, my name is Mandy;  the photographer and creator behind Mandy Lee Photography.  I am the proud mother of three sons, partner to a very caring and supporting man and I am a woman who believes in dreams and fairy tales.

I don’t photograph weddings or babies.  I leave that for other photographers with the passion for it.  I photograph something very close to my heart; BEAUTY and I’m not talking about the beautiful women we see on the covers of our magazines; I’m talking about YOU, the everyday woman! 

For as long as I can remember I have always had issues with how I looked; my butt was too big, my breasts not big enough, my feet were too big and the list just went on and on.  I was far from what I believed was beautiful.  Somehow over time and with the support of my partner,  I realised what I was seeing and what others were seeing were 2 very different things.  My butt wasn’t really as big as what I thought and who really cares how big my feet are!

That is the reason why I decided to follow my dream and specialise in photographing women and girls of all ages, shapes and sizes.

It’s not your job to be photogenic in front of my camera.  It’s my job to show you the most beautiful photograph that you have ever seen of yourself.

“I invite you to a style consultation with me; it may just change the way you see yourself” – Mandy Lee