A photo shoot with Mandy Lee Photography is not your average photo shoot.  A shoot with me is a luxurious, oftentimes tranformative experience.  You get to be pampered with a makeover, you get to reconnect with the woman you used to be before “life” happened and you get to spend a day that is all about YOU!  How often does that happen?

I specialise in modern portrait photography for women of all ages, shapes and sizes who hate having their photo taken.  That’s you right!  I especially love to photograph women in their 40’s and 50’s.  For some reason this age demographic is left out of our media advertising and the strange thing is that I think women of this age are absolutely stunning and I can’t work out why they are so often overlooked.

I would love to photograph every woman who has ever deleted a photo of herself from her phone or camera because she didn’t like how she looked.  I want to photograph every woman who has ever said “No, I need to lose weight first or just take a photo of the kids”. I know that feeling and I also know that I can show you the most beautiful photograph you have ever seen of yourself; no matter your age, shape or size.


 Are you the woman who is always hiding behind the camera capturing priceless memories of your family?  If so I want to ask you this.  One day your children and grandchildren will look for photos of YOU!  What will they find?  That’s something to think about isn’t it.  I recently lost my Dad and the first thing I did was look for photos of him.  I have so many photos of my Dad but the thing I noticed was how little I have of my Mum and the photos I do have of her she doesn’t look very happy in because my Mum is like most women and hates having her photo taken.  What are your children going to find when photos of you are like gold to them; priceless.



Your husband and children will not care that you were having a bad hair day, they won’t care that you didn’t weigh 10 or 20 kilos less.  All they will care about are the priceless photos they have of you and the memories that come with them; the fun times you spent together; the time you helped your daughter do her hair for that special occasion; the time when you wrapped your arms around your son and made him feel better and all the special times you spent with the man who loves you.


I hear it so often; I’m not photogenic.  It’s not your job to be photogenic!  It’s my job to pose you and direct you through your entire photo shoot.  I will pose you from the top of your head right down to your toes so that you can finally have photos that you love and feel proud of.


I have spent countless hours perfecting posing for women and I know what parts of the body you don’t want to draw attention to. I know how to make all women look and feel beautiful.  I invite you to a photo shoot with me that will change the way you see yourself.


boudoir-photographerCelebrate your relationships…. Enjoy your photo shoot with your mum, your daughter, your sister, your partner or your best friend.



The Modern Woman’s Portrait photo shoot includes:

In person style consultation so we get to know you and talk about how you would like to be photographed

Wardrobe styling

Use of outfits from studio wardrobe if suitable

Makeup and hair styling with our professional stylist

Fully guided photo shoot and gentle direction with posing and expression.  I will pose you from the top of your head right down to your toes 

Retouching of the best images from your photo shoot

Portrait reveal when you get to see your beautiful photographs for the first time

Payment plan options available


Just remember that one day your children will look for photos of you…

What will they find?



Contact us to book your complimentary consultation and change the way you see yourself.

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