Personal Branding is this new thing right now because so many people want incredible profiles for social media and gorgeous headshots for business. Personal Branding may be a new term for you but you may know the old term which is corporate head shots.

These days alot of us have incredible professions where we don’t actually need so much corporate head shots but Personal Branding; branding we can use on our social media sites,  dating sites, or branding that more accurately portrays us as a professional whether that’s real estate agents, doctors, personal trainers, beauty industry professionals, bloggers, writers, life coaches, models or marriage celebrants.  You may need a personal photo of yourself for your About Me page on your website.  The list is endless.

Our Personal Branding photo shoots are more stylish than traditional corporate head shots.  My specialty is to take modern style Personal Branding that’s going to blow your brand out of the water; that’s going to make you look like a strong, confident woman and that is truly going to bring your brand into 2017.

Your branding images are too important to be average. You are the face of your brand and you need to stand out to potential clients and customers and you need to stand out from your competition.  What does your current headshot say about you?

We invite you to our studio for a consultation and we will discuss your Personal Branding needs. We will then schedule your photo shoot in.  We have an amazing hair and makeup artist who will create a look for you that you love.  We will pose you from the top of your head down to your toes so there is no need for you to worry about how to stand and how to look . We will take beautiful photos of you that you will be proud to use for your Personal Branding.

Contact me today to book your complimentary consultation so we can get started on creating Personal Branding perfect for you and your brand.